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  • Cognac review

Hennessy VS cognac

Ladies & Gentlemen, The one, The only : Hennessy VS cognac. Applause!
An iconic Very Special cognac, the most famous and selled cognac in the universe!

  • Cognac music

Hennesey N Buddha by Snoop Dogg

Hennesey N Buddha is one of the greatest songs of Snoop, released on December 2000, “Tha Last Meal” album. A tribute to Hennessy cognac, friends and party!

  • Tasting cognac

How to drink cognac : follow the best ways

Which cognac do I want to drink now ? Which cognac to choose ? How to taste cognac? What kind of cognac is going with this meal ?
Dive into cognac tasting tips and tricks!

  • Cognac brand

Martell: Discover the timeless elegance of Martell cognac

Martell is one of the oldest and most famous cognac brand ever.
Founded by Jean Martell in 1715, it has become, through the centuries a reference brand in the cognac universe. It’s one of the symbols of refinement and the French art of living.