A cocktail with cognac? For sure!

Are you a cognac lover? If you’re anything like us, you’ll agree that savoring a cognac neat is a natural way and a fantastic adventure.

But why stop there? With its complex flavor and rich aroma, cognac is the perfect spirit to mix into cocktails, taking your imbibing experience to new heights.
We know how it is – sometimes, you find yourself with a cognac bottle just begging to be used up. But fear not, dear reader!

Whether you prefer sweet, sour, or savory cognac cocktails, this rich liquor’s magic and mystery are undeniable!

So you’re looking for cognac cocktails inspiration?

Bartenders are experimenting with VS cognac, VSOP cognac, and XO cognac, creating new and exciting cognac cocktails that showcase its unique characteristics and aromas. Another way to taste and drink cognac!

Why not try one of these cognac cocktails and see where it takes you? We’ve compiled a list of the best cognac cocktails to try so that you can make the most of your prized possession.
So help yourself, and prepare your favorite cognac cocktail!

What is a cognac cocktail?

Legend has it that the first cocktail was created during World War I, when an American soldier named Captain Buckeye was stationed in Paris and asked a bartender to create a drink that would be strong enough to get him through the cold, damp nights of the French winter.
It was certainly a cognac cocktail 😁 Who knows ?!

What are the best cognac cocktails?

Cognac is a complex and sophisticated spirit that can add depth and richness to any cocktail.

Cognac tastes and colors are so different; everyone has their preferences…
There are so many cognac cocktails: from classic cognac cocktails like Sidecar, Sazerac, or Vieux Carré to newer ones like Cognac and Ginger ale, or Cognac punch cocktail, there is a choice for everyone to enjoy!

These are just some of the best cognac cocktails. So why try one every night? Cheers!