cognac in aperitive

I’m a poor lonesome french web creator who loves cognac!

Passionate about web (I’m originally a web developer), humble padawan of the digital industry, crazy about music, in love with cognac, cinema, photography, coworking entrepreneur, video games huge fan, lover & father of 2…

I believe in constructing something great, something beautiful, something different!
Like Buzz said: To infinity and beyond… in the cognac universe!

Cognac is always moving in History, I think anyone with a small passion for cognac can be part of the family.

So I’ll do my best to share this cognac culture!
I don’t know where this is going to go. Like an ant or a galaxy. The future will tell!

A team will come. Please come to the adventure and share your creativity!

So Relax… Have a drink*! Oui! Cheers!

David Gamet
Oui !