The Sazerac cocktail is one of the oldest recipes, born around 1850, it is a very respectful and loved cognac cocktail, especially in New Orleans!

It is also one of the favorite James Bond cocktails, Benjamin Button, Malcolm X…

The original recipe was made of cognac (from Sazerac’s “Forge & Son”) before happens the phylloxera crisis. Then the cocktail switch to rye whiskey… or maybe the opposite timeline. Choose your side!

It was also made initially with absinth. But in 1912, this beverage was prohibited due to its hallucinogen effects and replaced by Pastis or Herbsaint.

Sazerac cocktail

The Perfect glass for Sazerac

cognac short drink glass for Sazerac cocktail
Short drink glass

Sazerac ingredients

abk6 vs cognac
2 ounces Cognac
(VS or VSOP)
Absinth and pastis bottles
1 ounce of Absinth or Pastis

4 drops of bitter (Angostura, Peychaud’s…)

cane sugar syrup

2 spoons of cane sugar syrup

ices cubes
As you wish : ice cubes

Sazerac garnish

yellow lemon zest, greenlemon zest & orange zest
Lemon zest or orange zest

The Sazerac recipe

  1. Add absinthe or pastis (we love Ricard for sure!) and twist so the liquid can stick to the glass
  2. Add a three-quarter garnish of big ice cubes and twist to refresh the glass
  3. Add bitter drops
  4. Add a little spoon of cane sugar syrup or superfine sugar rime
  5. Add the VS cognac and blend the cocktail
  6. Garnish with a lemon/orange twist.
  7. Enjoy!
Sazerac ingredients : cognac, pastis, cane sugar, bitter and lemon zest

Funny facts

The parent of the Sidecar is the Brandy Crusta, a cocktail that has its roots in New Orleans.

The perfect song

Ray Charles – Hit the Road Jack

History behind the Sazerac

The Sazerac, a close kin to the Old Fashioned, boasts a rich history dating back to 1838. Traditionally composed of rye whiskey or brandy, bitters, sugar, and a dash of absinthe, the Sazerac Company officially trademarked this cocktail in 1900.

But WE love cognac here, and we think it’s better with it!

In 2008, it was honored as the official cocktail of New Orleans, a city where it has always held a special place.

Crafted initially with French brandy, aka cognac, the Sazerac’s began with Antoine Amédée Peychaud, a Saint-Domingue pharmacist who later settled in New Orleans. His Peychaud’s Bitters, originally marketed as a remedy, found its way into the cocktail scene, blending harmoniously with brandy, sugar, and water to create the Sazerac cocktail.

By 1885, the Sazerac adapted to a changing world when French vineyards were decimated by the phylloxera epidemic, substituting grape-based brandy with American rye whiskey.
This transformation, rooted in history, showcases the enduring charm and adaptability of the Sazerac, making it a timeless favorite among cocktail enthusiasts.

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