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Round, square, crushed ice… Choose!

Ice cubes are a crucial component in many drinks, from water to cocktails. They help to keep drinks cool and refreshing, and is also THE element of visual appeal to your cocktail.

ices cubes

Paying attention to the size, shape, and quality of the ice can help to enhance the overall drinking experience, while using flavored ice cubes can add an extra element of aroma and flavor to cocktails.

The size and shape of ice cubes are so important:

  • Larger ice cubes will melt more slowly,
  • smaller cubes will melt faster and may dilute the drink more quickly.
  • The shape of the ice can also affect the way it interacts with the drink, with some shapes being better suited for certain types of beverages.

In cocktails, ice cubes can also play a role in the aroma of the drink. When ice is added to a cocktail, it releases subtle aromas that complement the other ingredients in the drink. For example, a cognac cocktail made with fresh herbs may release a subtle herbal aroma as the ice melts.