The Mata Hari cocktail is a classic cognac drink steeped in history and intrigue. Named after the famous exotic dancer and spy from World War I, this cocktail is a sophisticated and elegant mix of Cognac and vermouth!

Combining the rich and smooth cognac with the sweet and herbal vermouth creates a perfect balance of elegant and mysterious flavors.

Mata Hari cocktail

The origins of the Mata Hari Cocktail are unclear, but it is believed to have been created in the 1920s, around the time of the spy’s execution. The cognac cocktail quickly became popular in Paris and New York City, and was often served at high-end speakeasies and jazz clubs.

A sophisticated and elegant cocktail to enjoy: try the Mata Hari cocktail and enjoy a glimpse into a bygone era of glamour and mystery.

The Perfect glass for Mata Hari cocktail

cognac cup glass
The Cup Glass

Mata Hari ingredients

VS cognac for Mata Hari cocktail
1,5 ounces Cognac
(VS or VSOP)
Vermouth for Mata Hari cocktail
1 ounce of vermouth
cane sugar syrup

2 spoons of cane sugar syrup

pomegranate syrup

2 spoons of pomegranate syrup

lemon squeezer
0,5 ounce of lemon juice
ices cubes
Ice cubes
Mata Hari ingredients : cognac, vermouth, pomegranate syrup, cane sugar, syrup, lemon juice and ice cubes

Mata Hari garnish

pomegranate seeds

The Mata Hari recipe

  1. Mix all the cocktail ingredients in a shaker with ice cubes.
  2. Shake until full refresh.
  3. Filter and serve in the best cognac glass: the cocktail coup glass.
  4. Relax! Have a good time!

This intriguing cocktail has become a sensation. Picture this in your glass: cognac, sweet vermouth, lemon juice, pomegranate syrup, and a simple syrup. Each ingredient plays a harmonious tune on your taste buds. It’s a floral symphony, an herbal ballet, and a tart overture—all rolled into one.

But what sets this cocktail apart? It’s the vermouth. This infusion takes your taste buds on a unique journey, a flavor expedition. Combined with cognac and lime, the Mata Hari will surely boost your taste!

Mata Hari closeup
Mata Hari served
Mata Hari top shot

Funny facts

Mata Hari, the spy and dancer, was actually born in the Netherlands, and not in French Indochina (Vietnam) as she claimed.
In reality her real name was Margaretha Geertruida Zelle and she used her exotic background as a marketing tool during her career as a dancer, and then as a spy.
Lady Mata Hari
Lady Mata Hari

The perfect song

Peggy Lee – Fever

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