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Baron Otard VS cognac

Baron Otard VS cognac is a blend with a symphony of flavors: dried fruits, delicate floral hints, luscious honey, soothing vanilla, and subtle oak undertones.

  • Cognac review

ABK6 VS Pure Single cognac

ABK6 VS Pure Single Cognac is the youngest gem in the ABK6 collection: a Grande Champagne showcasing dry fruits, floral notes, honey, vanilla, and oak undertones.

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Ragnaud Sabourin VS cognac

Ragnaud Sabourin VS cognac is exceptional: a young and energetic cognac, that finishes powerfully. Ideal as a daily drink or for your cognac cocktails.

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Hennessy VS cognac

Ladies & Gentlemen, The one, The only : Hennessy VS cognac. Applause!
An iconic Very Special cognac, the most famous and selled cognac in the universe!